Willowcrest Lane Living Room Design Board

Willowcrest Lane vintage inspired living room

We did it! We moved!  The Pritchards are in the neighborhood, and what a lovely place this is. We have been so grateful for the warm welcome from our neighbors up and down the street – welcome cookies, bread, wine – do they know us or what? These are my people!

It was a little bit of a chaotic start to our summer, as on top of moving, I also signed the boys up for swim lessons every day (Why??) and soccer just to make things a little busier. It’s much better to keep these silverback children busy than bored, so it’s really a good thing.

I’ve been busy redecorating each of the main rooms of the house in my spare time, and the renovations and improvements are coming along on the kitchen and elsewhere (Here’s the plan for the stages of our remodel). You can see photos here on my Instagram account where I post daily updates and changes.

I started decorating the living room, dining room, and our bedrooms first because we spend the most time there. Room by room, I created a design board, and I work off of them while I shop around for the best prices and designs using the boards as my anchors.

Today I’m sharing the inspiration board I put together for our living room. This room is close to finished, and I can’t wait to show you the final reveal!

The Design

In the meantime, while I work on the finishing touches, this is the design I put together to help me envision it:

Willowcrest Lane vintage inspired living room

I mentioned before that this house has a different feel than our last house. If houses had personalities, which I firmly believe they do, this one is more sophisticated and refined than our first bright, easygoing house. I know that sounds a little silly. Guilty. But, also, it’s true. The living room  in this house is a mixture of vintage, industrial, and modern farmhouse with various neutral textures, warm wood tones, and natural greenery.

One of my favorite features so far is a vintage treasure, an enormous gilt mirror I found in place of the pretty scalloped one in the design board. I found it couple weeks ago while out junkin’ and I knew right away where it would fit perfectly. That’s why these design boards are so helpful. When you have a vision, you know which one-of-a-kind piece you’re looking for when you see it.  I posted a few pics of it on my Instagram account if you want to check it out!

The Details

These vintage botanical prints were the first element I put together for the living room. I knew that I wanted a big focal point above the sofa, and I loved the grouping of the wood frames with the printed greenery.

Willowcrest Lane vintage inspired living room
Photo via Bless’er House

I have been collecting botanical prints on my Pinterest board for a long time. I love the vintage look, and it’s a bonus that my favorite earth tones and beloved neutrals are incorporated. I found the greatest tutorial for creating a super economical set here at Bless’er House. Lauren’s home is stunning, and she is one crafty DIY goddess. Here’s a sneak peek at how they turned out in our own home:

Willowcrest Lane vintage inspired living room

A few more things I’m really excited about in this room:

  • The Magnolia Cotillion chairs – I’m so looking forward to curling up on one and watching the seasons change out of the bay window.
  • Finally putting my plants in this house, especially my fussy Fiddle Leaf Fig. Hopefully he likes the light better in this house.
  • Paint – the colors in this house are lovely, but I’m itching to put my own up on the walls
  • The entryway – the vintage mirror find is perfect for the space. I can’t wait to show you!

We are having the best time making this place our own. Thanks so much for following along with us and sharing our excitement.

I’ll be back soon for the full living room reveal. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you like about this room design board!

Love Norah Pritchard

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