Thrifty Treasures: Nancy’s Barn

Yesterday was a great day. For the first time in a long time, we didn’t have any obligations on a Saturday afternoon, and we were excited to spend some time together. The sun was bright, another rarity in NY, kids were napped and fed, and we were all ready to explore a hometown gem, Nancy’s Barn.

A Henrietta landmark, Nancy's Barn is filled with thrifty treasures.
A Henrietta landmark, Nancy’s Barn is filled with thrifty treasures.

I have visited Nancy’s Barn with my mom and aunts since I was a girl. I have great memories of long afternoons spent browsing books and tiny trinkets there. My mom would let me pick out something special each time. With three floors to explore, this big red barn houses a treasure trove of antiques that one visit alone can’t possibly unearth.

To say this place has history is an understatement. For over forty years, the three floors of Nancy’s Barn have held a collection of furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more. I chatted with the lovey owner, Colleen Moran, the daughter of Nancy Hurlbert, the original owner and antique lover. Nancy opened the doors of her shop in 1975 after owning another small antique shop in the city. She was an avid collector of antiques and filled the barn over the years, with Colleen and her four brothers helping run the shop until she passed away.

The big kids loved looking around for buttons and cars.
The big kids loved looking around for buttons and cars.

We started out poking around the big barn, where I found these awesome chippy paint window sills. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with clever ideas for their use, but I had a pair of steely blue eyes looking back and forth at the space in the truck and at me, so I had to play it cool for now (I’ll be back for you, chippy window. Don’t forget me!).  There are two floors in the barn and it took a while to poke around. I’m sure I missed a bunch of things that were meant to come home with me because my three kids were there with me, but that just means I need to go back again.

When I go thrifting or antiquing, my eyes are always peeled for the things I collect like milk glass, tea cups, wood rolling pins, and old cloth covered books. There’s more, but I know Mr. Steely Eyes is reading this, and he is getting a little yelly nowadays when I bring home my finds to our increasingly tiny mouse house. I found nearly all of these things at Nancy’s Barn today, much to my delight!

Boys at Nancy's Barn

There is something thrilling about searching through the nooks and crannies of the shop to find your treasures. I like to pick up pieces and imagine where they came from, what their story was, how they got where they are right now.  I left feeling excited about my thrifty treasures, and planning my next visit!

Thrifty Treasures

Nancy’s Barn opens the doors Thursday through Sunday from 12-5. Check out this gem of a shop before July when its doors close permanently, and say “hi” to Colleen for me. Don’t forget to tag me with your thrifty treasures! So, in the meantime, friends, what are you looking for when you go to an antique store or thrift shop? Do you have a collection already, or are you looking to start one?

Some of my beloved milk glass collection from Nancy's Barn - some super rare finds!
Some of my beloved milk glass collection from Nancy’s Barn – some super rare finds!



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  1. Laura

    Tommy is my Step Dad! I miss that place. So glad it will be open till July. I come home to visit in June!


      Hi Laura, I just saw this comment! What a small world. I loved Nancy’s Barn growing up, and it’s still such a neat place! Maybe I’ll see you in June! xoxo

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