Thrifty Treasures for January 23, 2016

willowcrest lane thrifty treasures

Here’s me, Periscoping at the thrift store like I just don’t care!

This weekend’s thrifty treasures made me squeal in the aisles of Goodwill when I spotted them. I swear, I’m going to Periscope my next thrifting adventure just to give the world some entertainment when I spot coveted treasures. It’s a good thing there were not any little old ladies or children in the way. Just kidding. Kinda.


Anyway, moving forward; today’s finds were two never-been-used oil lamps ($1.99 each) that I snatched up. I have an emergency preparedness stockpile in our basement storage room that I’m always looking to stock inexpensively. I like to have food, water, an emergency medical kit, lots of candles, flashlights, and, you guessed it, oil lamps on hand. Thankfully, living in NY, we don’t have any tornadoes or natural disasters like in other regions, but we do get plenty of snowstorms and blizzards, as well as the occasional power outage that I like to be prepared for. Plus, oil lamps just look cool and add to the charm of the farmhouse style decor that I love.

ice cream

Another find were these little glass ice cream sundae cups ($.99 each). Thrift stores always have these in all sizes, and I just love them. They make an ordinary dessert so fancy and fun. They are the perfect size for little hands and just the right portion of ice cream. I already have a few of them, but I picked up a couple more for company.

metal guy

metal guy 2



I found this little silver container ($.99) just sitting on the counter waiting for a greenery ball or candy assortment to fill him up and look lovely on my shelves. There was also another grubby little rolling pin ($1.99) that just needs a good scrubbing before I can display it in a white stoneware crock in my kitchen. Rolling pins just make me smile. Baking, especially making pie crusts and dough, is my thing, so displaying rolling pins in my house brings me to a happy place when I look at them.




After my usual two thrift store stops, I ran into Tuesday Morning, another bargain store that I can sometimes find neat things in. Lo and behold, I lasered right in on this gorgeous recycled glass vase. I’ve had my eye out for one for a while, but I didn’t want to pay what the regular retail prices were selling them for. Well, this HUGE lovely was $19.99 and it needed to come right home and live on my table with some olive branches popped in it. It told me so.


My last stop was a kids’ consignment shop that I love to visit when I need to restock books for my kids. This particular store regularly has books on sale, usually buy five, get five free. My total for 10 books (one of those was a set of four of the Bone book series that I’m saving for when the boys are older) was ($14.00), so about a dollar per book. My boys can devour a pile of books like nobody’s business, so getting these at a great price is a must. I got a good chuckle about the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby book that we REALLY could have used the day before when we were scrambling brainstorming ways to design our car. Ah, there’s always next year to look forward to.

So, those were my finds this weekend. All in all, some thrifty bargains, I think. What did you score, friends? Remember to use the hashtag #thriftytreasures when you post, so I can find them!

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