Ten Minutes, Ten Dollars, and Two Pretty Spring Decorations!

This is going to be the shortest blog post I’m capable of because there’s an oversize clock that is calling my name to paint tonight. I just can’t wait to share with you how easy and, best of all, how inexpensive these two projects were!

My friend, Leah, recently made the loveliest spring wreaths out of some thrifted treasures, which I LOVE! Seeing her pretty decor motivated me to dig through my thrifted finds for an old grapevine wreath I found a few months ago while at a consignment shop. It was only $2, so I bought it not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it and kept it hidden from Tom who tends to get deep frowny lines when he sees my bags of junk treasures come inside our little tiny mouse house.

Quickest and easiest DIY Project!
Thrift store grapevine wreath, forsythia garland, and a script letter, oh my.

Spring Colors

I love the way brown and yellow look, and since forsythia blossoms are a sure sign of spring on its way, I ran out to the craft store to pick up a garland.

Now, my fellow parents reading this know what it’s like to squeeze in a project during nap time for the kids, so I didn’t even bother to cut the garland and fuss around with the placement of the blossoms. I literally just hot glued that piece down on the grapevine wreath and got busy painting the cute little letter “P” that I found in the dollar bin of the craft store a long time ago.

After a quick consult with my Facebook girls, I decided to paint the letter turquoise blue to make it pop against the yellow.

I just love the way it came out! All that glam spring style and it cost less than $5.00 and only 10 minutes of time to make.

Letter P
Isla is the best shopping buddy! What a change from her brothers, who complain and make swords out of all objects not tied down.

This other little DIY piece was even easier if you can believe it, and cost less, too. The craft store has faux wood monograms that are unfinished for around $5. I picked one up, the letter “P” of course, and just swiped on a quick coat of black paint and finished it with a burlap ribbon I had lying around. That’s it!

I think it looks so cute and modern hanging outside my house, but I also love this one inside on the wall, too.

Quickest, easiest DIY project: monogram letter and some burlap. Done!
Quickest, easiest DIY project: monogram letter and some burlap. Done!

OK, I’m heading back to start painting a huge clock. I hope you were inspired to make something pretty for spring! Show me what you created this weekend on social media with the hashtag #willowcrestlanehome I’d love to see!

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane


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