Summer Bucket List: Memory Making

This is summer! My days are filled with messy rooms, piles of laundry that never manages to get folded and socks strewn about carelessly. Gone are the quiet mornings and afternoons of work while the baby takes a nap and the big kids are at school.

Summer in Rochester means we take advantage of every single second of sun and light. Living in New York has weather perks like breathtaking fall foliage and lovely snowy scenery, but New Yorkers know summers are short. We stretch out every moment of daylight and warmth, making memories with each other.

The kids fall into bed at night, sticky and exhausted from a day of serious play. Baths are replaced by the pool. The scent of sunscreen permanently perfumes my house. Every playground in a respectable radius gets a check mark of domination from the Pritchard boys.

Summer is busy, it’s frantic, it’s fun. It’s the memories we bottle up and think back on for the endless winter nights.

Our list, or scroll as Tom laughingly calls it, is a mix of free activities (fishing, reading, stargazing) and some that cost money (drive-in movie, vacation). We talked about the feelings that we had while doing the activities, and what feelings came up when we remembered them. I want my kids to know that making memories is at the heart of our list, rather than expensive moments quickly forgotten.

With this in mind we sat down to brainstorm our 2016 Summer Bucket List.

willowcrest lane summer bucket list

willowcrest lane summer bucket list

What do you think? Are we missing anything that you have happy memories doing? What do you have on your list?

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane

willowcrest lane summer bucket list

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