April 2016 Stitch Fix Review

Racing out of my house on the way to work, rushed and hectic as usual, I bumped right into the very person I have been stalking since I got the email that my latest Stitch Fix order had shipped: the mailman! It was pretty close to torture to leave my Fix box in my truck all day, but I wanted to do another live unboxing. It sat in my car, the robin’s egg blue Stitch Fix sticker tempting me to rip it open right at school.

I would post the link like I usually do with my videos, but after I filmed it, I learned that Facebook won’t let me save the video. Boo!

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, you can read more about it here in my first review post. In a nutshell, Stitch Fix is a clothing delivery service that saves me loads of time. I let my personal stylist know exactly what I like and don’t like and then I wait like a kid on Christmas Eve to see what she picked out for me. I don’t have to drag my kids with me to stores to buy clothes that I don’t have time to try on, and then I don’t have to drag them back to return them when they don’t fit. You keep what you want and return the rest in a pre-paid envelope right from your mailbox.

As I mentioned in the video, I have either been pregnant or nursing for most of the last seven years. I feel like my clothing has taken a hit in the trendy department and become one big comfy mom-clothes moment. That’s why having a personal stylist is so fun! Amanda, my stylist, picks out the cutest things that I might not think to look at. I feel so cute and fresh lately! This is my style Pinterest board that I linked to Stitch Fix. My stylist can see exactly which clothing pieces I am lusting after this way.

All right, ready to see?

Willowcrest Lane Stitch Fix Review: Daniel Rainn Penelope Embroidery Print Knit Top
Willowcrest Lane Stitch Fix Review: Daniel Rainn Penelope Embroidery Print Knit Top

First up is this Daniel Rainn Penelope Embroidery Print Knit Top. This lacy boho-feeling top came with a cami to go under it, too. In my note to my stylist last month, I wrote that I love lace and florals and feminine things. In that case, this top should have been a home run. Alas, when I tried it on, it was just too big for me to be comfortable. I liked the color, but it was not love for the fit.

Willowcrest Lane Stitch Fix Review: 41 Hawthorn Windermere Lace Sleeve Blouse
Willowcrest Lane Stitch Fix Review: 41 Hawthorn Windermere Lace Sleeve Blouse

Next was this 41 Hawthorn Windermere Lace Sleeve Blouse. Now, I first thought this top was black, but it’s actually navy. Let’s pause for a minute while I collect my thoughts. I LOVE THIS SHIRT. Like, love it. The V neck, the lace detail on the shoulders, the material and length – it’s all perfect. A keeper for sure.

This Pixley Gables Deep Scoop Back Knit floral top tricked me. I was not keen on the large floral print when I first opened it, but when I tried it on, the sneaky thing tricked me. Holy sexy scoop back! My whole view of the top was transformed when I tried it on. I loved it! Tom advocated hard for me to keep it, but to be honest, as much as I liked it better on than in the box, I didn’t keep it. I just had a feeling that it would be one of those shirts in my closet that I would keep forever for when I “lose that last bit of baby weight.”

Willowcrest Lane Stitch Fix Review: THML Brandi Embroidered Skirt
Willowcrest Lane Stitch Fix Review: THML Brandi Embroidered Skirt

The last piece of clothing was this THML Brandi Embroidered Skirt. Again, I was not in love with the pattern when I first unpacked it, but once I tried it on, I felt a little nicer towards it. The fit was good, and I liked it on, but I’m too deep in mom business to even try to chase after my kids in a short skirt. Maybe in a few years, Stitch Fix.

Finally, a cute Romolo Caprice Marble Stone Bracelet Set was my fifth piece. I thought it was darling, and I love that it came as a set. The stones and gold tones are totally me, but little Isla would make that bracelet her slobbery toy in a hot minute. I’ll have to remember to note that I’m good on jewelry until she’s a little more judicious about her teething toys.

What do you think, friends? What would you have kept or returned? Are you ready to try Stitch Fix? If you are, I’d love it if you used my referral!


Love Norah from Willowcrest Lane

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3 thoughts on “April 2016 Stitch Fix Review

  1. Karen Swedick

    Norah, you look great! I tried stitch fix for a few months, but they prices were always too high. I just recently thought I’d try again after seeing others have better luck. My last shipment, everything averaged $50. I just don’t pay that much for a t-shirt. Have you had better luck with pricing?

    1. norahpritchard@willowcrestlane.com

      Hi Karen! Thank you! Yes, I would agree that Stitch Fix is for sure not a discount subscription, and I have had a few items that that were way high (and no way on paying that much for a tshirt- Wowza!) that go right back. I set most of my presets for the lowest price point and they usually are around $50. I had an eye-opening moment last week that made me realize that I would rather pay a little more for great quality clothes, though. I bought a cute top with lace and washed it once. It was ruined! Totally faded and pilled after one wash. I wish I had just saved the money and bought something of better quality from Stitch Fix. Let me know if you try it again. I love to see Fixes! Xoxo

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