Rustic Wood Frame Upgrades

Simple, relaxed neutral living space to make you feel at home.

Rustic, Casual, Farmhouse Style

It took me a little while as a homeowner to find the pallet of colors, textures, and patterns that make our home feel comfortable and personalized. Tom and I painted and repainted a lot during the first year after we bought our fixer upper.

I’ve always been drawn to natural colors and textures, so after a particularly crazy failure with a lime green kitchen I saw in a magazine, Tom and I looked at each other and realized that our home needed to reflect who we are as people.

Classic white with touches of black, warm neutrals, wood tones, some green leafy plants, and textures like glam glass, metal, and straw baskets or jute rugs all speak to us and turn our house into a simple, beautiful sanctuary with a casual farmhouse feel that fits in with our boisterous family.

I put together some of my favorite inspirations from around the Web that I use as an anchor for decorating.

Simple, relaxed neutral living space to make you feel at home.


Wood crate  Glass Chandelier  Black and white throw  fiddle leaf fig plant  Metal buckets (similar)  dipped basket  stripped ribbon  Wood framed mirror

Chalkboard Wood Frames

Last year, I went looking for a chalkboard to decorate with. I knew I wanted a large rectangle with a thick wooden frame to hang in contrast to the white walls in our kitchen, but I didn’t have any luck finding what I was looking for.

I sat down with Tom and some crudely drawn plans to see if he could make something unique for us. Tom took a look at the plans and made some calculations and changes before deciding it was something he could make.

Willowcrest Lane DIY Wood Frames

I think he was right! We loved the look of the finished chalkboard so much, he ended up making a bunch of these beauties for around the house and even for our family and friends. This one is in our kitchen with a lovely boxwood wreath on it.

Willowcrest Lane DIY Wood Frames

Wood Framed Mirror Update

After seeing how Tom made the chalkboard frames, I started looking at the frames around our home differently. The mirror above our dining room table has always been a perfect addition to reflect light and make the tiny room look bigger, but the frame was just plain black plastic when we bought it.

Simple, relaxed neutral living space to make you feel at home.

Tom started piecing together scrap wood to see what kind of thickness we liked for a new frame. Using the same simple butt joint that he used when making the chalkboards, he turned our builder’s grade mirror into the perfect one-of-a-kind piece for us.

Simple, relaxed neutral living space to make you feel at home.

Willowcrest Lane DIY Wood Frames

We love the way it turned out! I didn’t grab a clean shot of the mirror before the new frame, but you can see it a bit on the right in this picture:

Willowcrest Lane DIY Wood Frames

I think it lightened up the room, and I love that the wood stain matches the stain Tom used on our farmhouse table he made.

What do you think, friends? Big difference? I’d love to hear about how you found your personal decorating style. Shoot me a comment and let me know!

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane

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Simple, relaxed neutral living space to make you feel at home.


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