Recap – The Roc City Planner Celebration

The Roc City Planner Celebration by Willowcrest Lane was a smashing success!

I’m still reeling from the excitement of the Willowcrest Lane Roc City Planner Celebration!

The most creative women,

the biggest, most inspirational brands in the planning community,

making lasting friends and memories around our shared passion.

Together with Erin Condren, my  team and I welcomed a sold-out crowd of 85 of the loveliest guests to the Holiday Inn in Rochester, NY for an evening of celebration, inspiration, and community!

Jocelyn Mesiti from Lemonjam Photography captured our night perfectly.

norah planning event-2

There was food…

There were drinks…

There was SWAG!

Check out that gorgeous hand-lettered name tag from Jess Antonow at Bless the Messy on the Krissyanne Designs lanyard!

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 2

We took crazy photos in front of The Honey B Shop’s Photo Spot that will surely be Polaroid Zipped into our planners as a memory later.

norah planning event-8

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 3

After hanging, meeting new friends, and enjoying the dynamite appetizers and cash bar,  I had the pleasure of introducing our three #plannerfamous speakers.

norah planning event-5

We listened excitedly to inspirational stories about turning a passion into a profession, and how each of these industry leaders and true lady bosses overcame challenges to get to where they were standing now.

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Samantha Kuhr, Ambassador Relations Manager from Erin Condren, chatted with us in a “Girl Talk and Q&A” about Erin’s passion for starting her company and the journey from her humble beginnings of sketching out ideas at a mom’s play group (with Sam and their kids!) to her passion for making stylish organization for women into a successful worldwide company.

Erin and Sam prove that building a business while balancing their family and relationships as women, moms, wives can be done successfully on their own terms. We all just loved hearing how you two work together on your dreams! Thank you, Sam!

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 4

Amanda Hooper, founder of Planners Gone Wild, kept us captivated with her “Uncensored Planning” tales, revealing the sassy story behind the nickname “drama llama” and the “WILD” beginning of her community of 35,000 women on Facebook.

norah planning event-9

norah planning event-20

Amanda Zampelli, social media coordinator with Me & My BIG Ideas and The Happy Planner wowed us with her memory keeping in her Happy Planner as she led us through her passion for planning and how it led to her much-loved profession.

norah planning event-10

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There were moments like these:

norah planning event-3

And these…

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 11

But most of all, we were left with a feeling of appreciation for our ever-growing planning community and the women in it who lift and inspire us to live more creative and purposeful lives.

norah planning event-0066

Our evening could not have happened without the generous sponsorship of so many women-owned business. We were truly spoiled by the fabulous swag sent by Erin Condren.

There was an Oprah moment with Sam when she revealed there was one more surprise that Erin sent for us Roc City Planner girls – “You get a planner! And YOU get a planner!” YES! Erin Condren sent all the lovely guests a 2017 Deluxe Monthly Planner!

norah planning event-12

Just when we settled down after that excitement, Sam threw us into a tizzy with one more surprise – a very generous gift card for each Roc City Planner Girl! The screams, guys! It was awesome!

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 13

We spent the rest of the evening Roc’ing the Plan, oohing and aahing over our amazing swag bags, making new friends, and chatting about planning.

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 14

A fabulous new addition to this event was the Trash to Treasure table where everyone brought their extra planning things and picked up others’ fabulous castoffs. The table got so much love, we had to take it to the floor to fit all the goodies.

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 15

The raffles and giveaways were the last part of the evening – if we felt like it was Christmas before, this was PLANNER HEAVEN!

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 16

Some of my favorite moments of the night were captured by our guests, too. Check out the hashtags #roccityplannercelebration, #willowcrestlaneplans and #roccityplannergirls on Instagram and social media to see many more candids of the evening!

Roc City Planner Celebration - an evening of planning and celebrating.

Our evening could not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of over 60 women-owned businesses.

I want to give a special shout-out to Stacy K Floral for designing the gorgeous table centerpieces that went home with one lucky lady at each table.

I have been showcasing many of our sponsors for the last month on my Norah Pritchard Creative Instagram – Go check out their many amazing and creative products, and see the full list of sponsors at the end of this post!

Roc City Planner Event 2.17 17

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! You guys showed up in a BIG way and made the evening one to remember.

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Until next time, friends. XX

norah planning event-21

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane

The Roc City Planner Celebration by Willowcrest Lane was a smashing success!
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  1. Samantha Kuhr

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    Happy Planning Peeps!

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