Must Haves from Hearth and Hand by Magnolia

Magnolia's Hearth and Hand line is beautiful, chic, and affordable!

The Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line launched today at Target. Holding my holiday Starbucks drink, I marched in early this morning along with what seemed like every woman in my town.  (* Links may be affiliate)

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Joanna’s taste is impeccable; we have all been witness to that with her decor on Fixer Upper. Just as you would expect, the Hearth & Hand line is beautiful, functional, and best of all, affordable.

I’ve read that Jo calls the line “Modern Farmhouse,” which seems fitting. Each piece shares simple designs, clean lines, single colors in earth tones (so much green – my favorite!). They are all pieces that can be used rather than put high up with the hope that little fingers don’t mess ’em up.

Let me show you some of my favorites. Feel free to Pin them for later, email them to your husband with heart eyes and hints about the upcoming holiday, or just march up in that store and buy it all up, which I am very guilty of this morning.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia – imAGES VIA tARGET

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

 Tote Bag 

Black canvas and leather tote – yes, please! I’d use this as a diaper bag, work tote, gym bag, or even bring it to the farmers’ market. It’s sturdy and unfussy, perfect for every season.

 Leather Travel Wallet – Cognac 

Another perfect accessory. Toss this leather clutch in the tote and call it a day. These were sold out in the store today. I have a feeling this is going on many wish lists for Christmas.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Plaid Coir Doormat

I’m loving the simple, clean lines of this mat. It’s perfect to layer a larger rug underneath, too.


Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Stoneware Merry & Bright Mug 8oz

These darling mugs give me all the holiday feels. Can’t you just picture toasting your coffee mugs in front of a cozy fire? These are a must for Tom and me.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Plaid Throw Pillows

One of each, please! I would keep these on my couches all year or in a cute basket next to the bed or sofa. The classic plaid design is timeless and the gold thread in the green pillow gives it a little flair. So beautiful.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Wood Nesting House (Set of 3)

I left the store with these today. They were that cute and so well made. They also come in black, so I guess I have to go back. I plan on putting mine on my dining room shelves, although I’m sure Isla thinks I bought them for her. Nope.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture 

Speaking of Isla, this wooden dollhouse is perfect for her to play with. It comes with adorable furniture, so she can decorate and rearrange to her heart’s content. Like mother, like daughter.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Glass Jug Vase

My green lovin’ heart skipped a beat when I spied this vase. They come in several sizes and also in a smokey gray color. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I think I need one for each room of my house.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

House Lantern

These lanterns are rustic and charming, perfect for inside or outside your house. I loved the look of the larger sized one with wood kindling in it. Such a welcoming decoration for your front porch.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Pouf Square with Leather Handles

A pouf is one of those home decor items that is pure gold. You can tuck them under a table until you need extra storage or position them front and center to show them off. I’d put this green plaid beauty right next to the Christmas tree. It’s gorgeous and pretty sturdy – another personal favorite.

Willowcrest Lane Hearth and Hand Favorites

Acacia Wood Round Footed Tray

This tray made my list of favorites because of its hefty size and height. I just love that it sits off the counter for a little more drama. How beautiful would this be next to the stove styled with your cooking oils and seasonings? The smaller tray would make a beautiful stand to hold a candle or plant, too.

Which items do you love the most? What did you think of Jo’s new line? I’d love to hear from you!

Love Norah Pritchard

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2 thoughts on “Must Haves from Hearth and Hand by Magnolia

  1. Donna

    Love your pictures and glad I found you on Instagram . I see we are both redheads and have the same taste in Magnolia and other items. I also love green but bought the vase in pale gray this time. By the way I have 2 boys and two girls(all Big now) – saw you were thinking . Ha.



      Hi Donna! Nice to “meet” you, fellow design-lover! Great choice with the vase- that’s my next purchase. 🙂


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