Halloween Recap

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

This was an interesting Halloween. I have been sick for a while now, and the Friday before Halloween,  I finally went to the doctor who diagnosed me with walking pneumonia and a sinus infection.

Lovely. Of course, being me, I got all teary and called Tom to cry about how many plans I had for fun things to do as a family and how they were all ruined. Wah!

But then I bucked up and went home to rest on the couch for two solid days. By Saturday night, I was feeling well enough to sit at the table while we carved pumpkins and jammed to Thriller and Monster Mash. I posted some fun video on my Instagram and Facebook of the dance party.

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

We went outside for pictures and let the kids play chase because it was weirdly close to 70, which is pretty rare at the end of October in NY.

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

On Monday, we made it to the kids’ Halloween parade at their school’s bus loop. That was as adorable as you would expect a couple hundred primary school kids marching around a bus loop in full costume. This was James’ first year joining the parade since he’s in kindergarten now. He’s watched for the last two years and now he got to experience it as big kid walking in it.

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

When we got home, it was Isla’s turn to dress up. We put on our matching bandannas and rolled up our sleeves for our best Rosie the Riveter look.


By the time dusk hit, I was pretty tired. We go to my sister’s neighborhood every year to trick or treat (hi, full size candy bar houses there). Tom and I took all three to a few houses to give Isla her first real Halloween experience. How cute is she with her prized candy bar? She snatched it out of her brother’s hand and ran to her dad to keep it safe.

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

My sister and I went back to her house to hand out candy after that, where Isla preceded to put all the candy in the bucket in her mouth fully wrapped. We had some fun wrestling matches to get it out. I have the bite marks to show for it. Ha!  Here she is with her third sucker of the night. #thirdkid

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

By 8:30 we were on the way home with sugar-hyped up kids where this conversation happened:

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

“Mom, I heard some big boys say bad words during trick or treating.”

Me: “Oh, you did? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yes, but it was a bad word and I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Me: “Well, do you want me to say it and then we can talk about it? What letter did the word start with?

“The letter S, I think.”

Me: “Was it ‘shit’?”

“No, it was ‘shut up’. What’s shit?”

Rooooookkkkkiiiieeeee mistake, guys. I’m a rookie.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! How many of you guys had Christmas music on today? Me!

Willowcrest Lane Halloween Fun

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane






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