Fox Rochester: Paper Planner Interview with Norah Pritchard

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview


My eyes popped open, immediately aware of the reason why. A mixture of exhilaration and anxiety coursed through me, and a little bit of nausea too, not all that different than the anticipation of childbirth, really.

Four hours until my interview on Fox Rochester! Sleep was laughable at that point, so I listened to the sounds of the house sleeping and tried to restrain myself from waking Tom up to chat. He doesn’t appreciate the finer points of “let’s talk about every little aspect of everything for a long time and from different viewpoints” like my sisters and I do. His loss because I was fired up!

Today was the day! At 8:00 AM I was going to chat with the lovely anchors of Good Day Rochester about a passion of mine: the paper planner. I could not contain my excitement!

As I watched the clock and waited for a decent hour to get up, I thought back to my first experience at 13WHAM News. As a senior at Nazareth College of Rochester, long before I went back to school to teach, I had the opportunity to intern at Channel 13 News. I loved my time at 13WHAM, learning the ins and outs of the news business.

After college, Norma and I kept in casual contact on social media. When she asked if I would like to come to Good Day Rochester to talk with her and Jennifer Johnson about one of my favorite ways to organize my life, I had to seriously restrain myself from replying back in all shouty caps: YES YES YES.

Finally, the clock read a decent hour and I got up to start the day. It wouldn’t be a typical weekday morning at the Pritchards’ without it being rushed and hectic, but for once that was a good thing because it flew by in a dash of breakfast making, book bag packing, and bus waiting. Finally, it was time to go. I kissed the little kids and didn’t even flinch when Isla flicked her oatmeal fingers at my head. Whatever. Can’t bring me down.  My big hair is very forgiving and I was going to be on the TEEVEE!

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview
On our way!

Tom and I got to the studio a little early and I fan girled all over the lobby taking pictures. He tried to play it cool, but I know he was just as excited.

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview

We got comfortable in a conference room for a few minutes while watching Good Day Rochester on the big screen TV. I was thinking again (what’s up with the childbirth nostalgia?) how the Good Day Rochester hosts, Norma Holland and Jennifer Johnson, looked so relaxed and professional doing their jobs like the nurses at the hospital while I was feeling increasingly nervous.


Before I could continue on with my super fun and calming game of “What If,” we heard a sound at the door.

“Ahhhh, I’m so happy to meet you!” Jennifer Johnson beamed as she walked in.

I managed to stutter out something awkward and held out my hand to shake.

“Oh, can I give you a hug instead?” Jennifer asked and just like that my anxiety disappeared. Man, I loved her for that. I immediately felt at ease and best of all, like I was about to talk to two girlfriends over coffee and tasty snacks.

We chatted for a minute and then Jennifer rushed back to get in place before the commercial break was over. Tom and I followed along and entered the news room where we took some more pictures and ohhed and ahhed like tourists.

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview
The weather green screen
Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview
Behind the scenes of Fox Rochester

At the next commercial break, Norma came right over and we hugged and chatted about the last time I had been in the building. By now, I was feeling comfortable and at ease with such gracious hosts and I couldn’t wait to start talking about planning!

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview
Getting mic’d up, looking a little like a deer in headlights.

After getting mic’d up and positioned on the stage, it was go time. I had a brief moment of panic when I looked up and saw three cameras with blinking red lights counting down the end of the commercial break. I looked at Jennifer, who was sitting closest to me. “Where do I look? Which camera?” I whispered frantically.

“Oh, none of them!” She smiled warmly. “You’re just chatting with us.”

Those were the magic words again because just like that, I felt like I was visiting with my planner friends, checking out each other’s washi and stickers, and exchanging tips on how to organize and plan.

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview
Sharing my weekly spread

Check out the segment here! It was the fastest four minutes of my life and I had an absolute blast talking about how I use my planner to manage my time and make my life more organized and productive.

To learn more about planning, check out this overview post or this one to see how I plan.

If you would like to check out an Erin Condren planner for yourself, use my referral code to get $10 off your order!

Willowcrest Lane Fox Rochester Planner Interview
Decorating with planner accessories makes it fun to plan and also to look back at as a memory keeper. That big FOX Visitor one is pretty special!


Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane

Willowcrest Lane Paper Planner Interview Norah Pritchard

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