Create a Better Work-Life Balance Right Now

Find better work-life balance with simple strategies and tips.

Hello friends! By now you know that I am a huge advocate of using a paper planner, right? I can’t seem to stop talking about them on my blog, in classes, and at parties and conferences, too.

The thing is – the key to living a purposeful, peace-filled life is not a secret. In fact, it doesn’t get any simpler than putting a pen to paper, and I want you in on it because creating this habit will change your life!

Do any of these sound like you?

I struggle with finding time. I work full-time and have four kiddos. I push and make time but see inconsistent progress in my business and in my personal life.

I’m struggling with finding a balance between it all and life.

I can’t get a system going to plan ahead, and I’m feeling so behind.

Can you relate to sometimes feeling overwhelmed with balancing work and life?

Do you ever find yourself eating your feelings by Thursday night because you just can’t seem to get everything done and you’re more frazzled and tired than productive and peaceful? (OK, maybe that last one is just me?)

Let’s face it – life is busier than ever. We have more roles and responsibilities to juggle between jobs, family, kids, and taking care of ourselves.  Everything is just so BUSY.

Find better work-life balance with simple strategies and tips.

Building Balance with a Planning System

How do we slow down and live purposeful, peace-filled lives if we are this busy? Building balance into our lives will always be something that takes effort. It’s not something that one day will magically appear – we must MAKE it happen.

Here are a few simple ways to use a paper planner to create a better work-life balance right now.

  1. Make deliberate choices about your time.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some people use the hours so efficiently that it feels like they must have more time, right?

I have a friend who has four kids and runs a successful sales business, and another friend who juggles her family along with her many responsibilities as a high school principal with grace and precision. Their secret is that they know how to use their time wisely.

These three steps will help you start looking at your time differently:

  1. Visualize how you want your hours to look. Do you want to exercise in the morning? Do you like to set aside time for reading or other hobbies that make you feel more peaceful? Visualize what you need in your life and how it can fit in your life.
  2. Prioritize what you need to get done in a day. Be realistic here and think about your top 3 or top 5 must-dos daily and weekly.
  3. Plan the when and where to get them done. Turn your massive to-do list into an actual plan to get things accomplished by writing down when they will happen.

Find better work-life balance with simple strategies and tips.

  1. Set aside time to reflect and make changes.

There are going to be times where we feel like we’re on our game and crushing our goals, just as there are going to be times when we’re floundering and feeling overwhelmed. The difference here is how you handle each of these feelings.

For both the good times and the bad, it’s important to reflect on what exactly is making you feel successful or what it is that’s holding you back. By reflecting on these things, you’re taking the intangible and making it known. It becomes almost like a formula.

Mine looks something like this:

“I know that when I spend this time doing X, then I feel happier about Z. Or, “Today I didn’t have time for X, so Z didn’t go very well.”

By reflecting and then making notes to change or continue behaviors that you know have an effect, you are making a road map to what makes you find the most balance.

  1. Set Goals that align with your “Why”

At the core of work-life balance, we must feel that we’re living out our purpose. Simon Sinek talks about how our “why” –the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you are doing.

Without a clear “why,” the balancing act of life can become more chaotic than peace-filled. Taking the time to think about what motivates us in all the areas of our life (work, relationships, spiritually) results in a purposeful life.

Read more about finding your “why” here.

Any paper or journal will work just fine to get you started planning. I have a few planners you can read about here that I use and highly recommend.

To read more about how I plan,  check this out, too.

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane






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