Blue Apron: Farm-Fresh Meals Delivered to Your Door

Blue Apron kicks up my kitchen game and delivers the freshest foods right to my door!!

We came home from an impromptu family getaway at a waterpark this week. After all the fun swimming, and slides, and vacation treats, I was beyond happy when this big box of fresh food from Blue Apron arrived right on our doorstep.

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Blue Apron

You guys probably know that I really enjoy cooking. My mom loves to cook, and passed that love down to my sisters and me, so there is no shortage of family recipes that we enjoy. That’s why, when we tried Blue Apron for a month, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with it like I did.

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Here’s how it works:

Blue Apron is a home food delivery service that focuses on putting farm-fresh, high quality foods on your table without detours or the middleman, grocery stores.

You choose:

  • Which meals sound delish that you want delivered – Beef Teriyaki Stir-fry, anyone? How does pan-seared chicken with mustard sauce sound?
  • Which plan you would like – 2 person or family plan (feeds 4 people)
  • How often you would like deliveries

I love that it’s so easy to manage – some months if I’m in a cooking rut, I like to order deliveries to shake things up a bit and make dinner fun, and other months that I know we’re not going to be around as much or maybe I know I’ll be cooking from my garden more, I put it on hold. You can cancel any time without any obligation.

Here’s what I love about this service:

1. It’s FUN!

Cooking dinner can be a mundane task, let’s face it. Even as much as I enjoy making homemade meals for my family, the routine can get boring. The first thing that struck me about getting our Blue Apron delivered was how excited we all were to get in the kitchen. I’m big on playing music to change the mood of the house, so we’ll turn on some fun dance music and all of us get cooking together.

2. It’s a whole-family experience

Being a busy family with young kids, dinner is not always this zen moment in our house. It can be rushed (especially when baseball season starts – like now!) and I’m usually the one cooking. A Blue Apron delivery sparks excitement for everyone, though!

The kids get a kick out of opening the box to see what foods there are and we talk about how to prepare them. I love that they take an interest in our meals and cooking new foods.

Truthfully, they lose interest after a while, which is fine with me because Tom and I are left alone to cook.  Add some wine with the music, and it’s close to a date night!

3. It introduces us to new foods

I’m the first to admit, I like to cook Italian foods. I know them well after growing up with traditional Italian recipes and I cook them often for my own family. With Blue Apron, however, our culinary experience is widening in the best way.

We’re all trying new foods that I would usually pin on my Pinterest dinner board, but then never cook because I forgot or there wasn’t great directions. Now that “Pinterest meal” is delivered right to my door with everything I need!

I’m a convert, friends. I love this service as a fun way to liven up our kitchen and our taste buds.

I’ve teamed up with Blue Apron, so you can try your first box for $30 off by using my referral link or by clicking the picture below. If you’re looking for a little change, too, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane

Live on Good Day Rochester!

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