Vintage Industrial Bedroom – Design Board

A vintage industrial room with a comfortable and fun vibe.

If you follow me on social media, this is old news – and if you don’t, find me and say “hi”! In the meantime, I’m super excited to finally tell you guys that we bought a new house! Yay!

It’s bittersweet as we pack up our old house. We lived here nine years and brought three babies home, all the while renovating it from a 70s nightmare to a beautiful, comfortable home we loved (You can read all about how we fixed it up here).

A real life fixer-upper - Willowcrest Lane
Me, learning how to paint in our first house.

But, friends, the house was small. I mean really small, and our family of five were literally bursting out of the 1000sq foot space. We needed to find a home that our growing boys and little Isla could have their own space in and, after a four-month search, we finally found the perfect home for us.

Our new home is not too far away, and it’s as close to country living as we can get without actually living in the country. Maybe one day my dream of living on a little farm with chickens and big, lush gardens and crops will come true, but for now we’re as happy as clams with our new digs.

I’m looking forward to exploring new décor styles in this new home. There is close to twice the space as our first house, and we are going to need some furniture to fill it up! You better believe I have been all over Pinterest pinning my heart away on my boards.

The first room we’re going to work on is the boys’ shared room. Our new home has five bedrooms, but the boys are still young enough, 6 and 7, that they like sharing (for the most part).

This is the boys’ room now. When they first started bunking together three years ago in preparation for Isla’s arrival, we went with a superhero theme. They outgrew that last year (we want big boy stuff, mom), so we started a mini makeover with a few decor pieces before putting that on hold to get ready to move.

The boys love baseball, and reading, and they specifically asked for a desk in their new room for when they are doing homework or writing. Overall, a more grown up look is the goal. We’re going to use a few of the décor pieces we already have and transition them from baby to boy with a vintage industrial look that I think they will love.

This is the design board I made to help me visualize how the colors and textures will work together. I just love the navy, gray, green, and black with the natural wood tones and bronze sconce.

A vintage industrial room with a comfortable and fun vibe.

I’m a neutral lover through and through, so I wanted to stick to that color scheme while also incorporating some more colorful elements and furniture that the boys would love like the navy striped curtains, the fun paper Mache deer head, and the vintage lockers. (Please, Lord, don’t let the boys lock each other in there)

These lockers are so cool – you can find them here. I think they will be such a hit, not to mention provide much needed extra storage. I’m going to put two together.

A vintage industrial room with a comfortable and fun vibe.


The former English teacher in me will always have a love affair with words, and I put meaningful quotes and words anywhere I can in our house so that we read and absorb them often. I love the “brave” signs and the wood-framed sign with the quote especially. This one is from House of Belonging on Etsy.

A vintage industrial room with a comfortable and fun vibe.

The map is going to be a fun DIY. I have seen these brown vintage-y looking maps at Staples, and Tom can make a thick, walnut-stained frame for it. I think they will love it!

A vintage industrial room with a comfortable and fun vibe.

There you have it – the first project in the new house. I can’t wait to show you the final reveal!

I’m working on lots more design boards for the new house right now, so check back soon for the next one!

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Love Norah Pritchard




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