2017 Reflection, Goals, and Word of the Year

Like many of you, I spent the first two weeks of 2017 thinking about what kind of person I want to be in 2017.

As with each new year that starts, it’s a time for reflection and thoughtful analysis of what worked and didn’t work and to make plans for new goals in the coming year.

Reflect and set new goals to achieve this year.

I love this process, maybe because my training as a teacher has taught me to modify and change things that don’t work to get a better result. I enjoy looking back through my planners and seeing a visual map of what I did (or didn’t do) to get to the goals I set last January.

This year, when making my list of goals, I tried to focus on a few big ideas. These are the three that I narrowed it down to that I posted on my Instagram feed. 

Reflect and set new goals to achieve this year.


I see these three words as a road map to the person I want to grow into in 2017. I’m going to write them in my journals and on index cards tucked in random places that remind me when I find them unexpectedly. Just little reminders of what I aspire to do this year.

One of my favorite New Year’s activities is to choose one word as my anchor word. This is simply a word that sums up my most important focus that I can return to in the upcoming months to remind myself of what I want to accomplish.

Last year my word was “intentional.” I promised myself that I would be intentional about my time, my work, my words, my relationships.

Reflect and set new goals to achieve this year.

Looking back through my written thoughts and plans, I think I did a pretty good job of using the word as a catalyst for my life last year.

Retiring from my job as a high school English teacher and taking up blogging full-time, taking on opportunities to build a community of women both virtually and in person here in my city, and beginning to grow my business have been the most wonderful of experiences that required me to be intentional with my time and interests.

Reflect and set new goals to achieve this year.

Now it’s time for a new focus for 2017. I want to take all of the wonderful, painful, awkward, stressful, inspiring, exciting growth and find a peaceful medium. So, this year’s word is balance.

Reflect and set new goals to achieve this year.

This season of my life has been the busiest so far, for so many good reasons. Building a business and a brand is hard work, then add in three young kids, maintaining a home, and prioritizing my relationships with Tom and my family and friends, and it’s easy to see how my life is feeling out of balance.

I’m ready to greet 2017 with fresh perspective and a renewed purpose in continuing my work. But this year, I’m also going to make balancing these roles I have a priority.

Want to know the three simple, concrete habits that I’m doing this year to make these New Year’s goals a reality – read this.

Love Norah Pritchard from Willowcrest Lane


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